This Airbus flight simulator is the first of its kind in Iceland. 

It is by far the most advanced simulator in private ownership in Iceland. It can simulate with highest accuracy the vast majority of the aircraft's systems and is eligible for EASA certification. Pilots can see real terrain simulated with highest details available ahead of them on a 180 degree curved wall where terrain and weather are projected from three high quality video projectors. Pilots can select any kind of weather circumstances or simply select the current weather data which will be simulated into highest details. All major international airports can be selected for departure and arrival and the majority of domestic airports. Navigational data comes from Jeppesen through Navigraph and all related instruments in the simulator make 100% use of it. You can fly visually and choose to do full IFR flights (instrument flying) with up to date navigational data.

If you prefer, simulated air traffic control is available most of the time where you communicate with air traffic controllers on the ground who have qualified as such by VATSIM, the international online flying network. 

If you need further information how access the sim please call me directly 00 354 555 0260 

Yours sincerely,

Árni Stefán Árnason